Jelo Transport have long experience of oversized transports, so-called specialtransports. We make sure to apply for all permission in time and that the whole transport chain is followed up by trained drivers and staff.

Long, high, heavy or ungainly transport?

Perhaps the loading must be done from the top, or a wide machine shall be loaded from behind on a low loader trailer?
Is the need a mega-, jumbo or a curtain covered megatrialer? Together with our subcontractors, for many years we have been loading and transporting oversized transports, where we have direct contact with the authorities and have the knowledge which special equipment is needed. No matter what the transport need is, we can help you.

We make sure the need is satisfied. Every specialtransport is unique, that’s why we customize every transport with the clients need in focus.

Accurate planning of for instance the route or the equipment is important. Did you know that a whole road sometimes needs to be closed, during a oversized transport? Usually the driver passas that part of the road during nighthime, all in agreement with the authorities and the planning.